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Watsonia Optical

Both the practice itself and the team at Watsonia Optical are relaxed, warm and inviting. We guarantee that when you visit us we will inform you of all of your available options, some of which you probably will hear about from us first.
When you visit us you will receive a comprehensive eye test and recommended eyewear solution by our Optometrist Jeremy, whose sense of humour works for children through to nonagenarians. In fact, many of our patients leave with tears in their eyes – but always from laughter!

We are proud of our product range and knowledge, from frames through to spectacle lenses and contact lenses. By far our biggest referral source is from patients bringing in their friends, partners, parents and children. This often happens once people visit us and experience our level of care.

Jeremy Richards, Optometrist

Jeremy Richards, Optometrist

Jeremy graduated from University of Melbourne in 1996. He has worked for himself for the majority of his career, and prides himself on being able to communicate to everyone, from toddlers to people even older than his parents.
Jeremy spends his spare time trying to make his “dad” jokes less painful, with limited success.
Jeremy hopes his humorous and positive attitude to life is infectious to everyone he meets. Even his in-laws.

Why we chose to be independent?

For four years Jeremy worked as a locum optometrist, travelling all over Victoria working for many different practices – in the country and in the city, in shopping centres and medical clinic settings, for corporate stores and independently owned stores.
One of these independent practices was our very own Watsonia. Jeremy fell in love with the store, spoke to the owners and bought it off them. He often says that this has proven to be one of the best decisions in his life. Having seen that a limited product range could mean a less than ideal frame or lens choice for the patient, it was important to him to have access to a wide range of lens and eyewear options to suit any lifestyle or need – from any manufacturer.
It is also extremely important to us that you enjoy a one on one experience when we help you find the right frame for you, because comfort, fit, colour and style play an important role.