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Important in developing good depth perception, it affects coordination and hand to eye skills. Binocular vision isn’t something you’re born with, but we have to learn it, and like all skills sometimes can be helped with a little training.

Comprehensive eye examination tailored to children. We specialise in making eye tests informative, engaging but most of all fun.

More than just an eye test, a holistic and extensive consultation to evaluate your individual eye health and eyewear needs. Every eye test is customised to each individual person. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here.

We assess your suitability for contact lenses and teach you how to wear and care for your contacts. We offer the latest advances in contact lenses, including maintenance-free daily lenses, and even extended wear monthly contact lenses that can safely stay in your eyes overnight for one whole month!

Comprehensive examination for diabetics to assess the ongoing health of your eyes. The eyes offer a unique insight into the health of your body, and can be the first place diabetic trouble strikes.

Targeted treatments to reduce the symptoms and irritation caused by Dry Eye. Dry eye is one of the most common eye irritations, and can often be fixed very quickly and easily.

Extraction of a foreign body in the eye. We offer expert skill in removing grinding sparks and other unwanted objects in your eye.

A digital image taken of the retina, blood vessels and the optic nerve to assist in early detection and management of certain eye diseases. We believe this to be so important that it will always be your optometrist who sets up and takes these photos.

Prescription of safety glasses and guidance on how to maintain healthy eyes in the workplace. We have extensive experience in dealing with local and national company employee safety glasses which conform to Australia n Standards. We can offer something of benefit to the home handyman/tradesperson in you!

Visual enhancement training and/or special sports eyewear to maximise your vision and performance. Good Vision is partly born with and partly learned. Why not make yours the best it can be?

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